Zak DeOssie New York Giants
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New York Giants long snapper Zak DeOssie left his Super Bowl rings on the roof of his car, and they fell off when he drove.

Placing items on the roof of your car is always a risky proposition. There’s always a risk that you’ll forget them and they’ll get lost while you drive, and it could wind up anywhere along your route.

New York Giants long snapper Zak DeOssie learned that the hard way when he left his Super Bowl rings on the roof of his car. According to Deadspin’s Samer Kalaf, he initially reported them stolen, but when the police investigated they found that he had instead left them on the hood of his car.

A person who lives along the route found the two rings, one of which (the 2007 one) had shattered. He put that ring in the recycling and figured out who the other one belonged to. According to the report filed by the police:

“D. Smith stated every morning he wakes up early and walks his dog around the neighborhood. The morning of Thursday 5/3/18 D. Smith discovered broken glass in the street on Manor Hill Rd approximately 10 yards East of Pine Grove Avenue. Due to the fact children walk this route to School, D. Smith decided to pick up the glass and discard it in a nearby recycle bin of a resident on the street. Upon picking up the glass, D. Smith noticed a small box with a ring under it, later identified as a NFL NY Giants Super Bowl ring from 2011. The ring was engraved with the name DeOssie and his number 51. At the time, D. Smith had no knowledge that Z. DeOssie lived on the street so he decided to hold on to the ring for safekeeping. D. Smith stated he asked some friends at his Country Club in Essex Fells if they knew the name DeOssie. Subsequently, D. Smith advised one of his friends indicated that DeOssie was actually a member at the same club and would reach out to notify him about the ring. D. Smith stated a short time later, he corresponded with Z. DeOssie and made arrangements to return the ring. D. Smith stated upon locating the ring and after speaking with Z. DeOssie, he had no knowledge there was a second ring still missing. D. Smith again related that he threw the broken box and glass into a recycle bin for safety concerns and did not think to check inside for another ring. The recycle unfortunately went out the following day.”

That’s unfortunate for DeOssie, who won the 2007 ring with players like Eli Manning and Michael Strahan (who was recently in traffic with Jamal Adams), as the team was able to prevent the New England Patriots from going undefeated.

In 2011, Ahmad Bradshaw was pushed into the end zone during the clinching drive, giving the Patriots a chance to win the game. Or was he? Justin Tuck thinks he fell in on purpose instead of by accident.

Regardless of whether Bradshaw scored on purpose or by accident, you should never put things on top of your car. DeOssie learned that lesson the hard way.

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