Jason Witten has high praise for Sam Darnold
(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Former Dallas Cowboys star Jason Witten is a huge Sam Darnold fan apparently. The new Monday Night Football broadcaster had some bold things to say about the New York Jets rookie quarterback. 

Please pinch me. *ouch*, I didn’t mean it literally. But really I’m not sure if this is reality or a dream.

The New York Jets have a star quarterback and for once I won’t be asking myself who will be starting for the team at quarterback in 2019. It’s a good feeling, one that quite frankly I’m not used to.

Well don’t take my word for it, ask future Pro Football Hall of Famer Jason Witten what he thinks of the talented California kid in Sam Darnold:

Witten on Darnold: “He’s calm. He’s got this poise. He reminds me a little bit of Tony Romo, the way he creates plays. He has some of that moxie. I think Darnold steps in and is a star before we know it.”

One more time, please. “I think Darnold steps in and is a star before we know it.”

Sweet jambalaya. Although Witten isn’t the only one to make the Darnold to Romo comparisons:

NFL.com’s draft insider Daniel Jeremiah said back at Darnold’s Pro Day that his ceiling was Tony Romo.

“Darnold’s a little bit taller than Romo, but they have a similar build. Like Romo during his playing career, Darnold is a really good athlete and is outstanding with his creativity when the play breaks down. Every now and then, both of them press their luck and make an ill-advised throw, but they each have rare playmaking ability.” Jeremiah said.

Maybe Witten is onto something here. I think Jets fans would be more than happy with a Tony Romo like career in the big apple. A multi-time Pro Bowler (four), played in the NFL for 14 years, and possesses the fourth best passer rating of all-time.

This won’t be the last time you hear Witten on ESPN, because in case you missed it Witten will be joining the Monday Night Football crew this Fall as one of the colorful personalities.

If he keeps saying things like this, I’ll be all ears every Monday Night Football game this season. Speaking of, is the Jets opening on Monday Night Football in Detroit week one. Coincidence? I think not.

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