Here he goes again. New York Giants stud wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. posts yet another senseless and meaningless workout video on Instagram.

Why does he do this? Why in the world does any professional athlete make it a priority to post workout videos on social media accounts?

Honestly, do they all take us for idiots?

New York Giants stud wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has taken to his favorite social media platform, Instagram, to post his most recent workout video (above).

He runs a variety of routes against a ghost of a defense: slants, corners, posts and even a post-corner for good measure. Some of it showcased release work while facing a bump-and-run look with some dude lined up as the corner.

So what do we make of the video? Nothing.

OBJ is on the mend. In playing just four games a season ago after season-ending ankle surgery, this offseason has been unlike any he’s faced in his young career. He’s actually facing on-field adversity for the first time.

Nobody doubts he’ll come back any weaker yet here the man is, posting workout video after workout video combined with the perfect touch of lyrical hints to keep his name and brand relevant while all else is going on.

On the very day OBJ drops the video, the New York Giants opened up rookie minicamp with Saquon Barkley stealing all of the headlines. If you think this timing is a coincidence, you may be more gullible than the Knickerbockers fan who thinks LeBron James is coming to the five boroughs this summer.

Not to say OBJ won’t be able to coexist with the rook. Of course, he can. But still, Odell Beckham Jr. makes it very clear (through social media activity) that his name and brand better never fade into that dark night.

We see you, OBJ, unfortunately, and with little reason or substance behind it.


  1. Why in the world do you feel the need to criticize one of our best players coming off of a severe injury last season? I could care less what he posts on social media on a daily basis, as long as he is catching balls on the field and not being a distraction. His “brand” is shampoo for gods sake, this is all nonsense.

    Rob, if you’re a New York Football Giants fan, you’ll get your panties out of a bunch and realize that Odell, although distracting at times, is an essential key we need in order to win another Super Bowl. And not to mention milk Eli of every last drop he has left.