Mike and the Mad Dog
Andrew H. Walker | Getty Images

Mike Francesa and Chris Russo reunited on High Heat on Wednesday that included the iconic Mike and the Mad Dog song.

The Mike and the Mad Dog song evokes memories of the iconic duo during their long run atop sports talk radio. Mike Francesa and Chris Russo are always great together. No doubt about it.

There are still questions to be answered regarding Francesa’s future after his retirement from WFAN. It sounds like he had talks with MLB network today at the very least. Could that mean a possible reunion of sorts is on the horizon for the dynamic duo?  Your guess is as good as mine, but hearing the Mike and the Mad Dog song will certainly get the die-hard fans excited.

Right off the bat Francesa and Russo imply that Francesa was having discussions about a possible opportunity. Russo called it a job interview, but Francesa was quick to downplay the comment. Regardless of how serious the talks are, this is going to give many fans hope that the two could reunite in some capacity in the near future.

It’s difficult to know exactly what a reunion between the two would entail, but I tend to think it’s unlikely that they link up on an everyday basis. A full-time reunion probably isn’t what either Mike or Mad Dog want. My guess is that they would work something out where Francesa would appear on a weekly basis. But regardless, any Mike and the Mad Dog is good for fans who still pine to hear that opening theme that was synonymous with the legendary duo.

And not to mention, Francesa may have mushed the New York Yankees this season during the over/under segment. He says he thinks the Yankees will win the division, “comfortably” this season. I hope you’re right Mike. But if not, we have the receipts.

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