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Milwaukee Brewers’ recreation of ‘The Sandlot’ is pure gold (Video)

The Milwaukee Brewers set the baseball world ablaze with their new Spring Training video paying homage to “The Sandlot.”

The Milwaukee Brewers have caught the attention of the baseball world, posting a video of the players reenacting a classic scene from one of the greatest movies of all time, “The Sandlot.”

Wow. Hats off to the Brewers. This is absolutely fantastic. I’ve always considered “The Sandlot” to be one of the greatest baseball movies of all time and seeing it played out so well by professional ballplayers is awesome. When “the beast” was revealed I laughed so hard I needed to excuse myself from my cubicle.

This is the kind of thing that keeps people interested and gives fans an insight into the personalities on their team’s roster. An absolute home run for a team looking to market its newly acquired young talent.

It’s also great for the game to see such a promising team with those young, talented players having fun and trying to connect with younger fans. For decades, the game has been surrounded by the stereotype of a stuffy air from an older fan base that would claim ballplayers shouldn’t be wasting time doing anything but training and preparing.

That stereotype is broken when teams come up with fun things like this that show fans that they aren’t just a slash line; that they’re people finding a productive way to blow off some steam.

This praise comes with a caveat, however.

As much as I love seeing a widely loved movie about the boys of summer playing some ball played out by grown men, the Brewers are a little late to the party. The 2015 New York Yankees did a much better job recreating the scene in which Smalls finally learns who Yankees legend Babe Ruth is. Historical and hilarious.

Good effort though Brewers. Even though the Yankees beat you to “The Sandlot” recreation, it’s fantastic to see players doing cool things like this to bond, interact with fans, and keep the game fun when the excitement starts to dip.

Speaking of which, I’d like to talk to Brett Gardner about getting him into the acting game after he retires from baseball. Kid’s a star in the making.


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