Mike Francesa
(Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Former WFAN host Mike Francesa is supposedly working with talent agency CAA while looking for his next gig.

After leaving WFAN in December in what was being called a “retirement,” Mike Francesa is still looking for his next job.

Francesa recently stated that nobody knows what his next move will be. He might not even know what his next move is, although he has repeatedly stated that he still wants to work. Sources told Andrew Marchand of the New York Post that the sports pope was in talks with SiriusXM where he could be reunited with Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, but the talks never went anywhere.

The sports pope has also spoken to The Athletic. He is currently working with CAA, the top talent agency that helped the Athletic raise $20 million. Francesa hasn’t signed with anyone, but also didn’t confirm he’s ready to work with anybody.

“You don’t know anything I’m doing,” Francesa told Marchand. “You should write, ‘You, Andrew Marchand, don’t know what I’m planning’.”

It appears that there’s no current match with the Athletic, however, one source said that the sports pope is building a studio in his house. One thing for sure is that Francesa will reunite with Russo for his “High Heat” show on MLB Network. Francesa won’t be able to work on Russo’s MLB Network show until April 1 due to the terms of his expiring WFAN contract.

A couple of Francesa confidants have speculated that Francesa could return to WFAN, although that is very unlikely.

While we don’t know what Francesa will be doing next, except for working on Russo’s MLB Network show, whatever he does choose is sure to be entertaining.

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