Damon Harrison Muhammad Wilkerson
Robby Sabo, ESNY Graphic, Getty Images

The New York Jets moved on from their mercurial star Muhammad Wilkerson. New York Giants star Damon Harrison has already started the recruiting process. 

Former New York Jets star Muhammad Wilkerson has only been on the market for a hot minute but apparently, he has a former teammate in his corner. That’s Damon Harrison (formerly of the Jets, now a beast with the New York Giants).

It’s a compelling pitch for Wilkerson. Why move your bags? You’ve lived in the New Jersey area for much of your life. You’re clearly comfortable on this scene.

The Giants, after dropping over $200 million dollars, are always looking for ways to improve the team. Wilkerson would likely come at a bargain following a couple dismal seasons with the Jets.

It’s something the Giants would have to be mindful of before handing Wilkerson an offer. Something that could potentially work is an incentive laden contract. When Wilkerson had a piece of meat in front of his face on the Jets treadmill, he was motivated.

The production speaks for itself. Big Mo tallied 36.5 sacks in five seasons before he saw big-time money. Once he saw it, he was only able to come up with eight sacks, numbers that feel like anything but a coincidence.

Big Blue is not unfamiliar with giving players “prove it deals.” Heck, they did it for Jason Pierre-Paul after he blew his hand to smithereens. After he did show that he can still be a dominant pass rusher, the Giants didn’t hesitate to hand him a fat four-year extension for $62 million.

Wilkerson could experience a very similar story if he stays with the Giants.

It’s funny. Earlier today on ESNY, we were talking about the Sons of Anarchy disbanding their Jets chapter with Sheldon Richardson, Harrison and Wilkerson. But one 55 character tweet later and Wilkerson could have an NFL revival with the cross-town rival New York Giants.

It’s funny how life works sometimes.

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