New York Jets want Kirk Cousins
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The New York Jets are apparently willing to push all the chips into the middle of the table… and some to land prized free agent Kirk Cousins. 

We all knew the New York Jets would be interested if the Washington Redskins let Kirk Cousins hit free agency. But apparently they’re more interested than anyone bargained for, ESPN Insider Rich Cimini revealed how much in his latest column:

“The Jets want him badly, and sources say they’re willing to pay whatever it takes — unless the Washington Redskins decide to tag him for the third time (unlikely).”

So in back-to-back days, I’ve heard rumors of a potentially “fully guaranteed deal,” highest paid player in NFL History, and now “whatever it takes.” If you didn’t think the Jets were serious about Cousins, you can no longer deny that factoid.

While there are certainly more attractive options like the Minnesota Vikings and the Denver Broncos, here’s the thing, Cousins isn’t a simple man. Cousins wants to be loved, he’s been in a terrible relationship that has been fruitful with two straight years of the franchise tag, but still terrible.

The Jets have clearly been openly flirting with Cousins while his divorce with the Redskins becomes official. The paperwork is still being filed, but the Jets have shown the most interest in Cousins. He has familiarity with the ghost of Mike Shanahan floating above Jeremy Bates shoulder.

We’ve seen busts in free agency before, ironically the biggest one in history features the Redskins (Albert Haynesworth). But if you want to try to prevent yourself from being the goat, don’t force the player into your system, adapt the system to the player. That’s perhaps the Jets biggest weapon to attract Cousins to Gotham.

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