New York Giants defensive tackle Damon Harrison believes he has what it takes to literally become an MMA UFC champion.

Here’s a piece of advice: Don’t mess with New York Giants defensive tackle Damon Harrison, who believes he can be a UFC champion.

Harrison believes that he has what it takes to beat everyone in the UFC and become the next heavyweight champion. When he says everyone, he means reigning heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic.

“I’m not trying to say what they do is easy because I don’t think what they do is easy by far, but if I trained for it the way they [do] I’d kick some [expletive]. I’m pretty sure [Stipe’s] a monster, but if I train for it I’d kick his [expletive],” Damon told TMZ Sports. “I have some pretty solid punches. I’d knock the hell out of somebody.”

Harrison is a freak athlete and almost got into a fight with offensive lineman Bobby Hart, who has been waived by the Giants, in the preseason. It is unknown whether or not the defensive tackle could actually beat Miocic in a fight but he could crush him literally since Harrison weighs 341 pounds and Miocic weighs 245.

The Giants tackle won Pro Football Focus’s best run defender award this past season. Harrison had 40 run stops, which led the NFL and had a run-stop percentage of 13.4. He was tied for fifth with Luke Kuechly of the Carolina Panthers with 46 solo tackles against the run. He has had 138 run-stops over the last three years, which is 44 more than anyone else in the league.

The question now is will Harrison and Miocic actually fight? If Harrison is as tough as he says he is, then Miocic better be careful if he doesn’t want his but whooped.

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