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When comes the 2018 NFL draft, the New York Giants could match up with with the New York Jets to exchange picks. 

Is it crazy to think that the New York Giants could trade with their same city rivals to exchange draft picks this spring? Maybe. However, Big Blue and the New York Jets match up better than at first glance.

Is QB a legitimate need?

The Giants do not necessarily need to draft a signal caller with the second overall selection. New general manager Dave Gettleman, no stranger to making tough or unpopular decisions, has already voiced support of Eli Manning. The 14-year pro still has two years left on his contract and after a rocky 2017, still could very well be the starter next season. Should Giant brass evaluate Manning as the starter for the immediate future, the need for a quarterback might not be deemed necessary.

The bigger question will be how Gettleman evaluates Davis Webb whom he obviously didn’t draft. Some members of the organization, namely Landon Collins and Dominque Rogers-Cromartie, have already voiced support of the young Webb. After months of film study and evaluations, the Giants could decide that their quarterbacks of the short and long term are already on the roster.

Current QB class is far from perfect

The Giants have a premium selection at number two. We know that–however, is there a can’t miss, Andrew Luck type prospect in this draft? Despite the depth at the position, each quarterback has numerous flaws.

Josh Rosen has seen his character criticized in addition to his off the field attitude. That kind of persona clashing with the New York media may spell disaster. Also, can you imagine a quarterback who isn’t as cool and calm as Eli, clashing with Odell Beckham Jr.? Yikes.

Rosen also lacks mobility, and behind the Giants makeshift offensive line, could endure a tumultuous start to his career. No one doubts his ability as a pocket passer, but this is not Eli Manning 2.0, at least not from a mental and emotional standpoint.

Sam Darnold comes from a long line of USC quarterbacks that outside of Carson Palmer, have all underwhelmed at the professional level since the turn of the century. The raw talent is enticing, but only two years at USC and a case of the turnover bug could push teams away.

The Browns seem to be the favorites to land Wyoming’s Josh Allen, but the strong-armed QB who comes from a small conference will have his doubters. Many will compare him to Carson Wentz and his successful transition to the NFL, but that doesn’t mean he’s the second coming of Wentz himself.

Despite great depth at the position, the New York Giants may not fall in love with any one player.

Which other teams might draft a QB?

The Jets pick sixth, but most of the teams in front of them don’t need a quarterback. Some executives are sold on the idea of the Browns taking Josh Allen first, but even if they don’t, it’s fairly evident that other high profile QB’s will still be there.

The Broncos are the big wild card at number five–do they stick with Trevor Semien or give former first-round pick Paxton Lynch his chance? Does John Elway and company decide to move in another direction? What Denver plans to do at the fifth pick could influence whether the Jets decide to trade up.

The other wild card is the Browns with their second pick of the first round at number four–do they auction that pick to a team like Washington (who may lose Kirk Cousins to free agency) at 13 or Arizona at 15? That too could influence how the Jets decide to play their cards on draft night.

So, how does this trade actually materialize? 

Cleveland trades out of the fourth pick, Denver decides they need a new quarterback (or trades down) which puts pressure on the Jets to act. Now, most of these trades would have to take place before the draft for the Jets’ hand to be forced, but we’ve seen it recently when the Eagles moved up to get Wentz.

The Giants, who either are content with their current quarterback situation or aren’t sold on any QB prospect with the second pick, call Mike Maccagnan, who has already stated he would consider moving up. In an interview with ESPN’s Rich Cimini, Maccagnan replied, “If that was a player we felt strong about, we would have no qualms of potentially trying to go up and get him,” when asked about trading up to take a QB.

The New York Giants move back to six and collect additional draft picks. They have multiple holes to fill along the offensive line, secondary and linebacker positions, so the extra picks could be highly beneficial. They also may be cap conscious during free agency later this Spring with contracts needed for Odell Beckham Jr. and Landon Collins after 2018 and ’19.

The public relations fallout from the trade could be brutal for either side depending on what kind of career the second pick has. However, if the two sides are seeing eye to eye, we could see some draft day fireworks in New York.

The 2018 NFL draft takes place on April 26-28 in Arlington, Texas.

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