New York Mets
NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 05: Jeff Wilpon, COO of the New York Mets, looks on prior to their National League Wild Card game against the San Francisco Giants at Citi Field on October 5, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

We’ve been all over this before. The New York Mets are stuck in a quagmire they created for themselves. But there is one team in New York that’s awakened to the need for a new beginning. The New York Giants are what the team in Queens needs to become–and soon.

The New York Mets are so much of easy pickings these days; sometimes, I wonder whether it’s even worth it. But then, I sit mesmerized by the moves the New York Giants have made in the last few days to correct their horrendous 3-13 season, marked significantly by a victory over the Redskins today, and I wonder why not the Mets?

Dave Gettleman comes in like a house on fire, firing guys, cutting guys, and sending out an unmistakable message that no one is safe here. And whether you are Odell Beckham Jr. or the center of the punting team, we’re looking at you, and we won’t hesitate to boot your ass out of here if it’s in the best interests of the team.

There’s no waiting in professional sports. You do what you have to do now, and you don’t look back. If Brian Cashman had thought too long about taking on $297 million before he pulled the plug on the Giancarlo Stanton trade, why would the Yankees even need him in the position he occupies? There’s risk. There will always be a risk.

But when a team like the Mets sits idly by as the present and future flows on by them, why should I be forgiven for asking why?

This, my friends, is a case of severe love, in the same way a parent will cajole a wayward teen. The Giants saw a problem, and they attempted to correct it by bringing Gettleman in. Their next step will be to hire a head coach and to determine the value of who their high draft pick will be.

This, even for a baseball-minded fan like myself, is exciting stuff. And they’ve got me hooked on following it every day via the New York Daily News.

The Mets, if they are ever to move forward, need to comprehend the fact no one stands idle while you figure out what do next. Baseball moves fast, and you need to move along with it. The Mets are not doing that, and whether it traces back to the bungled history of the past, or the sad story of the Wilpon’s finances, it hardly matters.

The New York Giants have created a path for teams like the Mets. They may or may not be on the way back. We’ll see. But one thing is for sure: They’ve seen a problem, confronted it, and moved into a new age for Giants fans, for better or worse.

Is it too much to ask the Mets to do the same?

A fan of the Yankees for more than a half-century, the sport of baseball and writing about it is my passion. Formerly a staff writer for Empire Writes Back, Call To The Pen, and Yanks Go Yard, this opportunity with Elite Sports NY is what I have been looking for. I also have my own website titled Reflections On New York Baseball. My day job is teaching inmates at a New York State prison. Happily married with five grandchildren. Living in Catskill, New York.