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Craig Carton and Barstool Sports – A Perfect match?

They say any PR is good PR. Just ask Craig Carton, who despite his legal woes, has remained in the public’s eye.

Fired by WFAN, the top sports-talk radio station in New York and facing up to 45 years in jail for allegedly being a part of a multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme, Craig Carton is still relevant enough to be considered for a job with Barstool Sports.

“He’s far from being hired, but we’re certainly talking to him,” Barstool founder Dave Portnoy told Evan Grossman of the New York Daily News.

Portnoy is not concerned that Carton might have broken the law. “People make mistakes. But if he went to jail, he obviously wouldn’t be able to work with us.”  His concern is more about Carton’s availability, not the alleged crime. As one door closed for Carton, it appears another may be opening. Carton was very competent at his former gig on WFAN along with Boomer Esiason. “He is good at what he does,” Portnoy remarked, “he hs told us his side of the story and if you take him at his word, we’re comfortable with what he said.”

Carton pleaded not guilty to the charges filed against him in November. His trial is expected to begin later on in 2018. Carton began to speak with his fans again recently when he started his new podcast, “Hello, My Name Is Craig”.

Portnoy is not sure of exactly how he would fit in at Barstool but knows Carton could bring many more people to his already popular brand.

Carton might have leaked out his intentions last week on a post he made on his Twitter account where he posted  “My Motto for the day” with a picture of”Viva” on it.


In this city, people and fans have short memories. One way or another Carton will be back with plenty of people waiting to see what crazy thing he says next.

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