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Mike Francesa discussing ‘Star Wars’ is simply incredible (Video)


Master Mike Francesa impersonator Bill Buchanan delivers a ‘Star Wars’ soliloquy that can be regarded as nothing short of legendary.

Me and Obi Wan were very close. I knew Yoda, uhkay?

The last week of Mike Francesa is bringing out the best of Mongo Nation. The legendary sports host is set to leave WFAN after 30 years once Friday’s show concludes. To say it’s going to be a strange world after December 15th would be a supreme understatement.

The only reason why they didn’t let Mike in the Jedi Council is because he had bad knees. He took his lightsaber and went home. After 30 years at WFAN, Francesa can without question say he destroyed Michael Kay’s death star amongst all other competitors during the afternoon drive.

Mike and Han Solo go way back. The same can be said for so many other former players, coaches and media members who have appeared on his show. Francesa may be a modern day Yoda given his sports wisdom.

Mike doubted Luke Skywalker could defeat the emperor and blow up the death star. Sound familiar? It’s just one many predictions that Mike has made over the years that proved to be embarrassingly wrong. If you were to ask him about his comments on Skywalker, he’d tell you he nevah said that, nevah talked about Skywalker once, just like he did when he discussed Shohei Otani.

Video credit goes to the great Bill Buchanan. You can follow Bill on Twitter @BigActionBill. 

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