Fantasy Basketball: Widely available free agents to add
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Whether you need a full-fledged replacement or something specific like threes or steals, we’ve got fantasy basketball players to fill needs.

It seems like the NBA is trying it’s best NFL impersonation and having all of its players get hurt. Winning at fantasy basketball is about having depth and finding those free agent diamonds in the dirt. When a key player goes down, go find their backup because they will receive a big workload and can give you good production until they return. The NBA season is full of day to day injuries and when this happens we need to piece and glue together our teams at times. Here are my NBA free agent pickups.

Rajon Rondo, Point Guard, New Orleans Pelicans (available in 53 percent of ESPN leagues)

I am not sure why he is so widely available but if he is in your league, he is a must add. Rondo is a league-winning player because of his all-around play. If Anthony Davis is out for an extended period of time, he will have to pick up more of the scoring. Don’t let a potential league-winner sit on your waiver wire, go out and add him right now. Go ahead. Stop reading this. Go out and add him than come back and finish the article.

J.J. Barea, Guard, Dallas Mavericks (available in 80 percent of ESPN leagues)

I don’t think many of you have been watching Dallas play but luckily for you, I have. In the last two weeks, Barea has been averaging 12 points and 7 assists in only 22 minutes. The minutes aren’t great but he has been a fantasy point-per-minute monster when he is on the court. If you need depth at the guard position. he’s a good add for the rest of the season.

John Henson, Forward/Center, Milwaukee Bucks (available in 81 percent of ESPN leagues)

Henson is finally getting the minutes and has been averaging 10 points, seven rebounds and two blocks per game over the last two weeks. This isn’t a play that will win you your league but throughout the season we need consistency. If he can keep up that 10/7/2 pace, that will help get us wins.

Ersan Ilyasova, Forward, Atlanta Hawks (available in 84 percent of ESPN leagues)

Anytime that I can mention an Atlanta Hawk, I am going to do it! Ilyasova is another fantasy point-per-minute monster and with all of the injuries to the Hawks, he might be the second option on offense. All of the minutes and shots will be there and it all just depends on his minutes. Add him now, he will help you in every category and finding those types of players are hard to find.

Add If You Need Three-Pointers

  • Ryan Anderson, Power Forward, Houston Rockets (available in 62 percent of ESPN leagues)
  • Austin Rivers, Guard, Los Angeles Clippers (available in 67 percent of ESPN leagues)

Add If You Need Rebounds

  • Tyson Chandler, Center, Phoenix Suns (available in 77 percent of ESPN leagues)
  • Alex Len, Center, Phoenix Suns (available in 80 percent of ESPN leagues)

Add If You Need Steals

  • Kris Dunn, Guard, Chicago Bulls (available in 70 percent of ESPN leagues)
  • Larry Nance Jr., Forward, Los Angeles Lakers (available in 74 percent of ESPN leagues)

Add If You Need Points

  • Bojan Bogdanovic, Forward, Indiana Pacers (available in 63 percent of ESPN leagues)
  • Austin Rivers, Guard, Los Angeles Clippers (available in 67 percent of ESPN leagues)
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