Nothing mixes better with New York Sports than the greatest show of all-time courtesy of Jerry and Larry David, “Seinfeld.”

“The Mets have 75 games on cable this year.” –Kramer

That’s all Kramer needed to say to convince Jerry to meet the Russian immigrants who’d set him up with illegal cable.

That moment came during the episode “The Baby Shower” of season two and since then it became apparent the show Seinfeld would forever connect the dots between social single-life and New York City sports.

The Mets, obviously, have a huge connection thanks to Jerry’s fandom. From Keith Hernandez‘s appearance in season three to the actual pilot episode, the franchise was fully entrenched.

The Yankees took on more of a role — perhaps due to Larry David’s fandom — via George’s dream job scenario during the last episode of season six all the way to the end of season eight. Players like Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams and Danny Tartabull made cameos. Even Buck Showalter was convinced to change the uniforms from that god-awful polyester to cotton.

And, of course, who could forget the George Steinbrenner character. Frank Costanza (like most of us) couldn’t figure out the Jay Buhner trade.

The Knicks were twice mentioned in the series. Once Jerry had to give away his two tickets in “Male Unbonding” and then late in the series Kramer got into a fight with Reggie Miller and Spike Lee. (They all went to the strip club afterward. It was all good.)

Hey, even the Giants, Rangers and Devils picked up key spots in the series, all in season six. Lawrence Taylor was forced to look to the skies upon hearing the name of “Joel Rifkin” through the Giants Stadium PA system.

Sorry, Jets. Even though Larry David is a huge fan of the franchise, you guys (along with the Islanders and Nets) could never squeeze into an episode.

Forget the spots. There’s been too many to count. What we’ll do now is countdown the greatest Seinfeld episodes of all-time.

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