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In his annual conversation with the media, New York Jets GM Mike Maccagnan refused to second-guess his draft picks.

Oh, what could’ve been for the New York Jets.

A team that’s been desperately searching for a quarterback for eons, it seems, had their chance at the next ‘Michael Jordan’—Deshaun Watson.

He wasn’t far off.

Before going down with a season-ending knee injury, Watson was the frontrunner for Offensive Rookie Of the Year and playing his way into the MVP conversation. He finished his season completing 61.8 percent of his passes for 1,699 yards, 19 touchdowns and eight interceptions.

Clearly, Watson has been the best rookie signal caller in 2017.So of course, regardless of who the Jets drafted and the success that player would have, there’s always that thought of what could’ve been.

Speaking of, New York Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan was asked about passing on the rookie sensation.

While he won’t play the what if game, that doesn’t stop us from playing it.

But before we get much deeper let me say that the Jets hit an absolute home run with the sixth overall pick by drafting Jamal Adams out of LSU.

Adams was and is the full package: intangibles, speed, instincts, you name it this kid has it.He was the No. 1 player on most NFL draft boards and so far this season has been marvelous. Adams is changing the culture of 1 Jets Drive like many prognosticated.

The likelier scenario though for the Jets, instead of taking Watson with the sixth overall pick, would’ve been to trade back into the first round.

The required bounty would’ve been suffocating, understandably so, but the value of a franchise quarterback is priceless.

Just look at the Kansas City Chiefs or the Houston Texans. Both franchises sacrificed key portions of their futures to trade up from the bottom of the first round. The jury is obviously still out on Pat Mahomes, but Watson is a home run.

They Say Everything Happens For A Reason

The Jets are 4-5 on the season and their quarterback, Josh McCown, has been having the best year of his career. Adams is in the running for Defensive Rookie of the Year. Gang Green isn’t the laughing stock everyone thought they’d be. Heck, the Jets are in playoff contention in the AFC conference. No one saw that coming.

But it still isn’t quite the same without a Watson. To put it in perspective, the Texans filled their greatest area of need for the next decade.

While this offseason, for the millionth time, the Jets will be in the quarterback market, which looks better than it has in awhile. Still, fans won’t soon forget about passing on Watson.

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