New York Islanders Need Joshua Ho-Sang To Reach Next Level 1
Photo by Rocky W. Widner/NHL/Getty Images

The New York Islanders took a step back on Wednesday when they announced they were sending exciting young forward Joshua Ho-Sang down to Bridgeport.


Josh Ho-Sang is a definite difference maker on the ice, and a major part of the Islanders exciting, fast young core that includes Matthew Barzal and Anthony Beauvillier.

So far this season, Ho-Sang has seen just 81 minutes of ice-time, but has dished out four assists and always seems to be making something happen.

While numbers in the Islanders forwards lines have prevented Ho-Sang from dressing during the Islanders last two victories against the Sharks and Coyotes, his disappearance from the rotation puzzles those who see the obvious talent.

The frustrating thing about the Islanders is that they continue to try and resurrect older players that have reached their plateau of production. Watching Doug Weight send out Jason Chimera and Nikolay Kulemin just doesn’t make much sense anymore.

Everyone that watches this team realizes that the one consistent weakness the Islanders have is secondary scoring. Since they have yet to get any goals from major offseason acquisition Jordan Eberle, it would make sense to try and get it from players like Ho-Sang who has a mountain of potential that can develop if given consistent ice-time.

The future of this team is now. Not next season, not 2020. Now. With superstar and captain John Tavares in a contract year, getting the most from the rookies is essential.

Watching players like Barzal get more and more ice time so far this season makes it clearly evident that giving younger, talented players the chance to shine can turn this team from a bubble team to a playoff team.

Thus far, the Islanders are just 2-32 on the power play — surrendering five goals while only scoring two — yet they have still managed to win five games and collect points in six. Players like Ho-Sang are crucial in allowing their special team units to develop.

The Islanders have a chance to become a dominant force in the East. Now is the time to take it, and giving Ho-Sang consistent ice time in Brooklyn is a must-do in reaching that goal.

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