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Netflix Releases Trailer For ‘Jerry Before Seinfeld’ (Video)

Earlier today, Netflix released the first trailer for Jerry Seinfeld’s upcoming stand-up comedy special “Jerry Before Seinfeld.” It’s as exciting as it sounds.

The special will premiere on Sept. 19th and will feature a modern-day Seinfeld cracking jokes and telling stories in the same place where he began his illustrious comedy career, The Comic Strip in New York City.

Seinfeld’s new special takes an inside look at life before his groundbreaking sitcom, “Seinfeld,” featuring never-before-seen footage of Seinfeld’s life as a child and the comedy scene when he was coming up in the 1970s.

His show, as most know, is widely regarded as the greatest sitcom of all-time and single-handedly ran the pop culture scene during its run from 1989-1998.

Is there any better way for Seinfeld, a long-suffering fan of the New York Mets, to tell his story—and to deal with another lost season in Flushing—than through jokes? Not a chance.