Earlier this week at New York Giants training camp, our very own Jason Leach received a chance to speak with linebacker B.J. Goodson.

New York Giants linebacker B.J. Goodson was drafted in the fourth round out of Clemson in the 2016 Draft and is now their starting linebacker. Oh yes, the kid has impressed thus far this summer.

On Monday at camp, I was able to spend a few minutes with Goodson after practice.

Jason Leach: How encouraging was it for the defense to force a couple of three and outs while tallying an interception to begin the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers?

B.J. Goodson: You know it was very encouraging but you know it’s always an ongoing process and something we have to build from and we can’t stay stuck on that. We have to keep preparing for success in the future.

JL: The Giants had the second best scoring defense last season, and this year many feel the defense will be better and you’re one of the reasons why. How does feel that the coaches have the confidence in you to be the starting middle linebacker?

BJG: You know, I’m very excited about that but you know I’m not big on expectations, I’m really into the preparation you know just preparing day in and day out so that we can get good results, and live with the good results we worked hard for.

JL: They’re some great veteran leaders on the team such as JPP and Olivier Vernon. What advice have they given to you now that you’re the starting middle linebacker?

BJG: Just to keep my poise I’m the guy out there running the show you know the leader out there, so just keeping my poise and making sure everyone on the field is where they need to be. The other linebackers and DBs have helped me as well with that, but just running the show and I’ve gotten comfortable with that and having fun with it.

JL: How does it feel having Wayne Gallman your college teammate at Clemson, and now you’re teammates with the Giants. How much has he improved since you were last at Clemson?

BJG: You know, hopefully, it’s as important to him as it is for me when I came here last year there wasn’t any Clemson guys here. So for him to come here this year and see a familiar face every day, you know I hope I make him a little bit more comfortable you know in this environment that’s away from home. You know he’s doing well and I wish him the best and I enjoy having him here.

JL: What’s the biggest key for the team to have success this season?

BJG: Like I said, I’m not into expectations, so I would say making sure the preparation is the number one thing. Like I always say, no one can beat us, but we can beat ourselves. I feel very confident if we prepare the right way we have a very high chance of winning.

JL: Alright, thank you for your time.

BJG: Thank you.

Jason's first love was football while growing up in northern New Jersey. For the past three years, he has covered the New York Giants, as well as several boxing events along the East Coast.