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LaVar Ball Absolutely Roasted by Kenan Thompson, ‘Saturday Night Live’ (Video)

Kenan Thompson hilariously roasts LaVar Ball on ‘Saturday Night Live’s’ epic staple called Weekend Update.

LaVar Ball has made more headlines than his son Lonzo Ball, who was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers.  Now LaVar is on Saturday Night Live.

On Thursday, Kenan Thompson played Ball on Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update. Michael Jordan has said that the real Ball couldn’t beat him even if he was one-legged. Last week Ball said that he could beat Jordan with one arm tied behind his back. Thompson elaborated on SNL.

“You’re damn right,” Thompson said. “While wearing a beekeeper suit and wearing Hamburger Helper gloves. Look at me! I am eight feet tall! I can jump 20 feet high! I once jumped over a Super Target! This past Thanksgiving I ate 100 turkeys!”

Thompson then made predictions on how Lonzo would do in his rookie season.

“He’s gonna win an a helluva lot more than that. NBA MVP, Final MVP, he’s gonna win an ESPY, a Grammy and a Purple Heart and he’s gonna get best truck in his class by J.D. Power and Associates,” he predicted.

The fake LaVar than used the opportunity to promote Big Baller Brand’s Zo2 shoes, which he said is made out of a South-African rhinoceros horn.

“They help you run faster, jump higher, and keep your willy hard as glass,” he said.

It is unknown how the real LaVar will respond and what he thinks about Thompson’s predictions. But hey no pressure Lonzo.

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