Schwartz on Sports Podcast: Coby Cotton Talks About the ‘Dude Perfect Show’ (Audio)

Coby Cotton from Dude Perfect joins Schwartz on Sports to discuss season two of the Dude Perfect Show. 

It began with five best friends doing trick shots in their backyards and then it exploded into an internet phenomenon. And now, the entertaining group of buddies with their outrageous stunts returns for another season of “The Dude Perfect Show”. The show has moved to Nickelodeon with season two debuting on Saturday, Jul. 22 at 9 p.m. ET.

On this edition of “Schwartz on Sports”, I’m joined by Coby Cotton from Dude Perfect.

“We feel like it’s the perfect match,” Cotton told me during the interview. “We grew up watching Nickelodeon so it’s a dream come true to have our TV show there. We’re super super pumped.”

Dude Perfect has over 45 million fans and followers on social media and their videos have attracted over 3 billion views on-line. One of the tricks featured on season two will be a 170-foot basketball shot into the world’s largest hoop.

You can follow the guys on Twitter at @DudePerfect.