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Mike Francesa Provides Excuse for On-Air Sweeny Murti Snooze Session (Video)

Mike Francesa, American radio and talk show host, has finally provided the excuse to why he fell asleep at the proverbial wheel. 

It’s his final year with WFAN, otherwise known as “The Fan,” and Francesa is finally giving us the explanation behind a clip that now has nearly one million views on Youtube.

Everyone’s seen it. It’s 2012. Mike Francesa has Sweeny Murti on WFAN in a phone interview and starts dozing off while talking MLB among other things:

Once this video went viral, Francesa denied having fallen asleep at all. Now, five years later, he’s admitted that there was about twelve seconds of some “dozing off.”

As you can hear, Mike tells TMZ,

“I had actually had my son in the hospital all night the night before with an asthma attack so I hadn’t been to sleep.” He continued by adding his neglect to what would proved beneficial advice: “My wife had told me to take a nap that day before I did the show. Would’ve been a smart idea.”

After close to three whole decades with WFAN, Francesa will be leaving the station. One thing he won’t leave behind is his most infamous nap, which as he says, was only 12 seconds.

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