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Brandon Marshall Jokingly Trashes the New York Jets (Video)

Giants wide receiver Brandon Marshall jokingly trashes his former team, the New York Jets, suggesting they don’t have enough players.

Oh, how quickly do our favorite players turn heel.

As you’ve already seen in the video above, I’m sure, New York Giants wide receiver Brandon Marshall decided to stop and chat with those titans of industry, TMZ. 

In the idiotic interview, Marshall talks about teammate Odell Beckham Jr. being the most electric superstar of all-time (insert laughs here). He also provides an update on the missing OBJ.

More notably, B-Marsh decided to jokingly trash his former team, the New York Jets.

After the cuts of Eric Decker and David Harris, the entire living, breathing football world has lost their minds. Some nameless fools have even gone as far as to call the personnel the worst they’ve seen in a decade.

Why they think Decker and Harris are that productive anymore is beyond me. But I digress …

Marshall piled on with this dandy: “Do they even have 11 guys to line up?”

Yes, Brandon, they do. And while it’s not the most talented group, there is, indeed, a real plan for prosperity moving forward.

Finally, Woody Johnson and the organization who always cared about the whispers, are tossing that nonsense aside and focusing on one end goal. For this, all Jets fans should be enthused.

Hey, if the Jets listened to a guy who’s never made the playoffs during his 11-year career, they may not get anywhere.

He’s pretty chatty for a postseason-less player.


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