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The Roman Reigns Paradox: Heel Turn? Why Do Fans Keep Hoping for Change?

The entire WWE Universe hopes and expects change when it comes to Roman Reigns, maybe even a turn to heel. Why is that?

Namely, the WWE Universe has come to expect and loathe the newest episodes of RAW dominated by Roman Reigns. Yet, entering year three of his push as the “face” or ‘top guy” of the company, the overwhelming boos from the live crowds continue.

Even more, the home viewing audience has reacted by tuning out as ratings steadily continue to dwindle. Consequently, WWE, which happens to be a PR and Marketing company, churn out media talking points, buzz words and PR spins. Accordingly, fans and journalists are just as quick to parrot these buzz words.

Alternatively, WWE talent is also armed and ready to explain to lowly writers and fans as well.

For instance, popular podcasts featuring JR, Jericho, etc., diligently push and promote the WWE’s company narrative. Yet, corporations and people may lie, but numbers never do. Since 2011, ratings for TV/cable episodes of RAW and SD have been in steady decline. Of course, the WWE apologists (i.e., talent, journalists, fans) have 1,004 excuses, reasons and explanations for the meager ratings.

In short, the blame must be placed on Reigns because this is the responsibility that comes with the job. Therefore, historically top guys bear the burden of selling out arenas, drawing TV ratings, selling PPVs/Subs and garnering some MSM attention and exposure.

If so, reflect and ask yourself, has Reigns accomplished any of those job duties? More importantly, why does WWE (i.e., McMahon, HHH) continue to rely on an apparent epic failure?

Instead, they put in so much behind-the-scenes efforts to protect their pet-project. By manipulating live crowd reactions and incessantly conveying to the home audience, Roman is injured this week. So, if he loses to a giant monster (e.g., Braun), it’s because he wasn’t 100 percent.

How much longer before there is no viable audience left to manipulate?

Watch my video as I explain who’s to blame, the real scoop (above).

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