New York Jets' Muhammad Wilkerson blames secondary for woes
Oct 17, 2016; Glendale, AZ, USA; New York Jets defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson (96) against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. The Cardinals defeated the Jets 28-3. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

New York Jets Gang Green Daily talks motivation for Muhammad Wilkerson and why talk is cheap, ultimately draft day will tell truth.

Well would you look at that?

It’s not just a mantra, “first guy in and last guy out”. Muhammad Wilkerson actually arrived early this year for offseason workouts. While everyone remembers last year, he decided to skip these festivities.

So why the sudden spring in his step? Was it his heart of gold? Was it a recent article by our very own Robby Sabo questioning his somewhat enlarged abdomen? Or was it a quarter of a million dollars?

I’ll go on a limb and say it twas the latter. His $250,000 workout bonus is plenty of incentive for the big man to show up punctually.

I’ll also step up to the plate and admit that I said that the Jets should absolutely pay the big man for his leadership and outstanding play. I thought this would be an opportunity for the Jets to lay the groundwork down for the future.

The rest of the players on the roster who will eventually be reaching paydays see how you treat players. The Jets did end up paying, albeit at the last second, but better late than never.

Unfortunately the broken leg Wilkerson suffered in Week 17 robbed him of some of his best traits: explosiveness, speed, power, etc. This 2017 season is huge for Wilkerson, he needs to live up to his payday or else. No more guaranteed money after next season, something to keep an eye on.

Action speaks louder than words.

That will speak true of Wilkerson’s comeback efforts and the confidence level in second-year player, Christian Hackenberg. Hack has yet to play a down in the regular season, yet he has been damned by the masses.

Mostly due to the rumor mills of how he’s looked in practice, which isn’t viewable by the media. Sure he grew some peach fuzz on his chin from his time in preseason games, but that’s hardly definitive.

The rumor mill is just that, smoke and mirrors, nothing more. When it comes to fruition, then we will know the true answer at quarterback (thank god).

ESPN’s Rich Cimini did a nice write up on this topic. He will be breaking down each positional group and ranking how high of a need it is, make sure you check that out.

The time for talk will be over on Thursday, April 27 2017. The official kickoff of the 2017 NFL Draft. If the Jets have their fancy tickled by one of these prospects and fall in love at first sight, the Christian Hackenberg project will be over.

Rightfully so the Jets will be crucified.

  • “You wasted a second round pick, what kind of GM ARE YOU?!”
  • “Oh hear we go another project at quarterback, the Jets are a QB purgatory.”
  • “Now what happens with Hackenberg?!”

A lot of good points here. Hopefully if the Jets pull the trigger the Houston Texans and former Penn State head coach, Bill O’Brien may be willing to take on his former protege. To be honest, that’ll be the best landing spot in terms of what the Jets could get for him.

But Hack aside, if the Jets pull the trigger they have to stay with their beliefs. If that’s starting Mitchell Trubisky from day one, do it. If that’s sitting him for whole year, do it. Don’t let the media or fan-base deter you from your objectives.

As a fan of course I want to see him, but I’d rather have long-term success at the position as opposed to a few glimpses of excitement in rookie year.

I’m a NFL Draft nut, so I can’t wait it’s right around the corner and we’ll finally know who the Jets are adding to the team.

People call me Boy Green for my unwavering dedication to all things New York Jets. I work at The Score 1260 in Syracuse and I'm extremely passionate about sports. I aspire to continue my rise through the business and hopefully I'll end up working for the New York Jets in some capacity.