New York Jets Gang Green Daily, 4/7/17: Jon Gruden Stamp of Approval
Jan 23, 2015; Scottsdale, AZ, USA; ESPN broadcaster and Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Oakland Raiders former coach Jon Gruden at Team Irvin practice at Scottsdale Community College in advance of the 2015 Pro Bowl. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Add ESPN personality, Jon Gruden, to the list of names that have given the stamp of approval for New York Jets’ OC John Morton.

If John Morton was half as good as people are pumping him up to be, the New York Jets are in for one of the greatest offensive coordinators in NFL History.

Although there’s a caveat in all of these conversations which just happens to be the musical chair dance at the quarterback situation. This is something that ESPN personality Jon Gruden alluded to in his conference call with the media.

“A lot of it obviously depends on who you have,” Gruden said via “You’re going to be a better coordinator if you have a better quarterback. You’re going to be a better coach if you have better players. I don’t know what they’ve assembled there — the draft and the upcoming month will decide that — but he’ll be able to get the most, I think, out of what he has.”

Jon Gruden spoke about what the Jets could do to improve the team in the NFL Draft. That just so happens to be the main topic of our latest episode of The Jets Zone (below).

Listen to “The Jets Zone: Full 2017 Mock Draft Breakdown With Boy Green” on Spreaker.

This praise is better than former players or coaches that have worked with him saying this is an atrocious hire. However, a grain of salt should be taken considering this is all during the honeymoon period.

Every bad call, bad series, or bad game for this upcoming season is not going to be softened by the words of future Pro Football Hall of Famers in the Fall. Ultimately, this comes down to what he can do with less.

The Jets are devoid of offensive firepower at key positions, outside of an intriguing receiving corps. John Morton seems to be a coach that can get the most out of his players which hopefully continues here in the “Big Apple”.

Speaking of apples, we weren’t able to take a bite out of this story on yesterday’s edition of Gang Green Daily. Sheldon Richardson’s trade value may have just declined?

I’ll present the story and you can take out of it what you will.

Rich Cimini of ESPN gave the Jets’ angle to the most recent trade of Timmy Jernigan.

Who the heck is Tubby Timmy?

Well he’s exactly that. A 300+ pound problem child who hasn’t really lived up to expectations. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

So, what does this trade between the Philadelphia Eagles and Baltimore Ravens have anything to do with the Jets? Well sometimes perception is reality.


In actuality, Sheldon Richardson is far and away a better player than Jernigan. Although the perception is that Richardson and Jernigan are both “me” guys and only care about themselves.

Despite the talent differential, their stats are very similar over the course of their careers. From 2014 to 2016: 14.5 sacks for Richardson, 13 sacks for Jernigan, according to

So if these players are perceived to be similar and their stats are actually similar yet the price tags are extremely different, that could be an issue. Jernigan counts for less than a million against the cap, while Richardson has a $8m price tag.

So the aforementioned trade between the Eagles and Ravens was terrible for the Jets. The Ravens traded defensive tackle Jernigan and a third-round compensatory pick (No. 99 overall) for a high third-round choice (No. 74).

Basically, they jumped a handful of spots in the third round. Reportedly the Jets were demanding a first round pick at last year’s NFL trade deadline. I don’t blame the Jets for doing this because of Richardson’s talent level and upside; try to get the most you can for him.

While this is the trade I’d do if I were the Jets, I think they can get an additional back end first round pick by packaging Richardson and their compensatory third to move up.

Who knows what’ll be available then as this may end up being a draft day trade scenario. However, the New York Jets could be the benefactor of some talented prospects falling in the draft, right into their laps. Here are some names to chew on that have late round one grades:

Possibly, one of the quarterbacks that potentially fall to the bottom of the first round could be of interest. The Jets need to keep all their options on the table for the NFL Draft, plus it wouldn’t hurt to get an additional $8 million in cap space cleared with a potential Richardson trade.

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