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Check Out LaVar Ball On the New York Jets Training Camp Roster

Sports comedian LaVar Ball was once on the training camp roster of the New York Jets during the 1994 and 1995 seasons.

On Sunday, the world got a chance to see the outspoken LaVar Ball demonstrate his basketball skills, and to nobody’s surprise, he stunk.

Suffice to say it was a poor effort for someone who claims he can beat Michael Jordan in a game of basketball. I think it safe to say he would have no chance. Seriously, what is this man thinking that he could beat perhaps the greatest player of all-time? Please check this man into the nearest facilities and call it a day. 

But now as the media begins to look further into his sport career, it was discovered by ESPN’s Rich Cimini that he was once on the New York Jets training camp roster back in 1994. And the question I have is, what were the New York Jets thinking?

Ball’s cocky attitude was the exact same in 1994 as it is right now. The funny thing is he has nothing to be cocky about. He is just reaping off the success of his sons. This is especially the case with his older son, Lonzo Ball. Former New York Jets linebacker Marvin Jones confirmed that Ball was still cocky even back then.

He told Cimini that he did remember Ball in training camp. He stated, “He was a very athletic guy and raw,” Jones said. “I remember him very well because he played only one year of college football. I remember a very confident guy and, yes, he voiced his opinion and was cocky, but overall seemed like a great guy.”

His New York Jets career was not long as he didn’t make it through training camp. In fact, neither was his pro career.

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