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Mike Francesa’s Bracket Is Completely Busted

Mike Francesa, king of New York sports and longtime radio host, has seen his bracket go up in smoke on March Madness’s first weekend.


Your girlfriend, who picked her bracket with absolutely zero knowledge of college basketball, probably has a better bracket than Mike Francesa. The New York ‘Sports Pope’ picked a Final Four that didn’t even survive March Madness’s first weekend.

Villanova, Louisville, Notre Dame and Wichita State were all eliminated by Sunday afternoon. Granted, most people were stunned by Wisconsin’s upset of the defending national champions, but ten seed Wichita State and a solid (but not great) Notre Dame were going to win their regions?

Give me a break.

Mike’s been riding the Wichita State bandwagon ever since Cleanthony Early, Fred van Fleet, Ron Baker and Carl Hall became America’s sweethearts and ran all the way to the Final Four a few years ago. Gregg Marshall runs one of the best mid-major programs in the country, but this team’s region which included star studded Kentucky, UCLA and UNC had the odds stacked against them to advance. Maybe Mike thinks his boy van Fleet still plays on the team (hint: he doesn’t).

Sure, Notre Dame is a well coached bunch, but they never at any point this season looked like a national title contender. Mike Brey has done a stellar job, but this year’s team is far from his best.

It’s hard to make sense of the logic behind Mike’s picks. Earlier this week, he also forgot that Maryland and Florida State aren’t in the same conference anymore. See a theme developing?

There’s too many teams to keep track of and give expert analysis on. However, don’t expect Mike to admit he was wrong any time soon.

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