1. 2014 NFL Draft

After a few short years, it is clear that this is Jerry Reese’s crown jewel of drafts. It is even better than the vaunted 2007 draft that led to a Super Bowl.

The creme of the crop from this draft is none other than Odell Beckham Jr. From the second that he was healthy, there was no one in the league that was able to stop the phenom.

Since entering the league, he already has 288 catches for over 4100 yards and 35 touchdowns. Keep in mind that this is only through three seasons.

The record breaking LSU product may already be considered one of the best Giants of all time. That alone is deserving of the number one overall draft.

It certainly helps that this draft has produced two other above average starters in Devon Kennard and Weston Richburg.

A linebacker from USC, Kennard may have been the best find in this draft. In recent years, any selection past the second round has been a question mark for the GM. However, this fifth round draft pick has turned that stereotype around. Through three seasons, Kennard has started 24 games. That is pretty good production for a late round draft choice. In addition, this past campaign the linebacker recorded his career high grade from PFF, 79.2.

The other great find in this draft was Weston Richburg. The center from Colorado State has shown all he needs to prove that he can be a franchise center for years. While he had a slow start due to playing a position unfamiliar to him (guard). The past two years he has been one of the best centers in the NFL. His PFF grades at center the past two season has been 87.2 and 82 respectively.

In this draft, Reese was able to unearth three above average starters, and Jay Bromley, the third rounder from this draft still has time to prove his worth. All in all this was his best draft, even though 2014 is still not that long ago.