Through two Super Bowls and many stars, New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese has done a tremendous job. We rank his draft classes.

Believe it or not, Jerry Reese has already been the general manager of the New York Giants for 10 drafts. Ever since the 2007 draft, Reese has been at the helm. Approaching his 11th draft as the GM, he has had experienced ups and downs.

Although, so far in his career, the ups have outweighed the downs.

Just take a look at the results of his recent free agency spending spree. His key signings on the defensive side of the ball helped to vault the Giants from having one of the worst defenses in 2015 to having one of the best in 2016. This shows that Reese has become extremely effective at finding players to help his team.

He has also put that to use this offseason in order to help an ailing offense by spending on the offensive side of the ball. It remains to be seen how the spending this time around will turn out. 

As recently as 2013, Reese was viewed as one of the worst GMs in football. He was then able to turn it all around with a few good draft classes as well as some smart free agent signings.

With that being said, let’s take a look at Reese’s draft classes, ranking each from 10 to one:

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