WWE: Triple H Needs To Form A New Faction ASAP 2
Triple H attacks Seth Rollins | Photo courtesy of WWE.com

D-Generation X, the Corporation, the Corporate Ministry, the McMahon-Helmsley Faction, Two Man Power Trip, Evolution and the Authority: HHH was a part of strong factions. WWE needs one now.

Triple H calls himself the creator; he’s responsible for molding stars like Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens from NXT standouts to WWE champions. He’d be wise to create a new heel faction and create it now. A new supergroup has the potential to rock the entire WWE. But who would join the ranks of the COO in this new group? There are already two superstars who could be in line, and another in the wings.

Samoa Joe

Since debuting on the main roster, Samoa Joe has been HHH’s right-hand man. His first act was taking out Rollins, nearly (or not) causing him to miss Wrestlemania. Joe was the first ever two-time NXT Champion and joining forces with The Game is only right. Joe had a match at Fastlane with Sami Zayn, who isn’t exactly a main-eventer. Joining up with HHH would get Joe back in the main event spotlight, right where a man of his talent belongs.

Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens just dropped the WWE Universal championship to Goldberg at Fastlane, and he’ll need a new direction to go in after a likely Wrestlemania feud with Chris Jericho. It was Triple H, after all, who pedigreed Seth Rollins last summer so Owens could win the title in the first place. Before he turned on Jericho, the pair were seen chatting backstage. Joining forces with HHH would be the perfect direction for Owens to go.

Finn Balor

Let’s clarify one thing: Finn Balor was amazing before he even came to WWE. His work all over the globe – like starting the Bullet Club in Japan – put Balor on the map. He put on classic matches in NXT against the two men mentioned above. He is expected to return at, or just after Wrestlemania. Imagine if Balor returns to Wrestlemania, to interfere in the match between HHH and Rollins? Under the guidance of HHH, The Demon King then seeks revenge against Rollins, the man that took him out of action.

Wildcard: Shinsuke Nakamura

This one is 99.9 percent sure not to happen, but in WWE you can’t rule anything out. Like Balor, Nakamura made his name well before he came to WWE. The King of Strong Style is a face so this would require a heel turn. Here’s a thought: Nakamura is called up to replace Balor, who doesn’t join the group. Balor reforms The Club, with Gallows and Anderson, his former Bullet Club brethren. A massive 6-man tag match could be played up for Summer Slam.

What does this all mean?

WWE is heavier on tag teams than legitimate factions at the moment. With the Wyatt Family imploded, there is a need for a new powerful group in the company (hopefully they don’t start another Authority angle). Each of the men above are amazing wrestlers on their own. They could go with the Evolution path and have them hold all the titles on RAW. You could keep HHH on TV, even if he’s only in-ring part time. Not to say he couldn’t still do it; he’s still got it. The group could even expand further and perhaps include the women’s division, where they just so happen to have a connection to another former member of Evolution.

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