Follow Elite Sports NY on this list of some of the top sleeper options for the infields of your 2017 fantasy baseball teams.

Anyone that has ever drafted a fantasy team has found themselves, at least once, frantically searching for sleepers near the end of their draft or auction. This list will give you a few options at every infield position when the pressure is on.

If a dozen people were asked what makes a player a sleeper, you’ll probably get a dozen different answers.

Does a sleeper have to be a rookie? Do they have to be a player not being drafted as a starter? Do they have to be a player you’ve never heard of before?

For the purposes of this list, a sleeper is a player the fantasy community as a whole is not expecting much from this year. You won’t find them in the main sections of your fantasy magazines or in any of the top ten position lists on the internet.

A sleeper is not expected by anyone to be a starter for your team in 2016, but if things go right, they can potentially finish the year putting up starter-like numbers.

So if it’s getting late in the draft, and you want to roll the dice, here are some names you may want to consider adding to your squad.

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