6. Hank Bauer

Hank Bauer was an unlikely Yankee. An injured US Marine returning home from World War II with two bronze hearts, two purple stars and shrapnel in his leg Bauer became a pipe fitter as a civilian. A Yankee scout who remembered him from his high school playing days decided to give him a chance to show if he could still play. Two years later Bauer was in the majors.

Acting as the primary right fielder for the Yankees for 12 seasons Bauer won seven World Series titles during one of the greatest sports dynasties ever. A tough as nails workman, Bauer bridged the Dimaggio and Mantle eras in the New York clubhouse.

The three-time all-star was a decent defender and a reliable bat for the Yanks throughout his career. Eventually Bauer was traded and had to give up his number noine. The guy who wore it next wore it so well that the Yanks would retire it forever.

I've wanted to write about sports since the first time I read Mike Lupica of the NY Daily News rip George Steinbrenner about the Boss' treatment of Dave Winfield. The Pen truly is mightier than the sword. I still look forward to reading the sports section in the paper every morning. Writing about sports, even in a part time capacity is a dream come true.