Small Forward:

Kawhi Leonard vs Houston Rockets

Kawhi might be the number one play on the slate tonight. He’ll be involved in a fast-paced game where he gets a weak defensive team in Houston. Nobody can come close to defending him and he can set his season high in points tonight. Build around Kawhi and you will not regret it. Expect a 30 point game with a lot of other counting stats in the other categories.

Gordon Hayward vs New Orleans Pelicans

Hayward goes low owned on most slates and tonight he will be worth the roster spot. He is coming off of a couple of bad games and that will drive other players away. With other all-star small forwards on the slate, he will go unnoticed. Roster Hayward tonight and expect a bounce back from Hayward.

Robert Covington vs Milwaukee Bucks

For whatever reason. the Bucks are bad against small forward and Covington has been a great play recently. This game will be high scoring and with the weak defense by both teams, this will be a great game to stack. He is the perfect player to help you win tournaments.

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