Only One Word To Describe You!

Ahead of their match for the Tag Team titles, Big Cass had a match against Luke Gallows. Cass appeared to have the match under control. Then, Enzo and Karl Anderson started brawling on the outside. Gallows attempted to take advantage of the situation but Cass dodged the attack and connected with a Big Boot for the three count. At Fastlane, the tag titles might have new holders.

Luck of the Irish

Titus O’Neil was on WWE TV for some reason. Oh yes, a match with Sheamus. WWE aired a video of O’Neil trying to convince Sheamus that he should be his new partner. He called it the “Irish Connection” saying he’s part Irish because his last name is O’Neil. Bad backstage segment aside, the match was incredibly short. As in O’Neil beat Sheamus into a corner, then got Brogue kicked and pinned short.

See You in Orlando

Seth Rollins was in the house, but still using a crutch. He came to Green Bay to clear the air about his Wrestlemania status. Looking obviously depressed, Rollins even sounded defeated. He then claimed that the doctors would not clear him in time for Wrestlemania. Triple H came out and warned Rollins to stay away from Wrestlemania. Samoa Joe was also at ringside to rub salt in the wound. As they prepared to leave, Rollins claimed that he will be at Wrestlemania. A between the two match is set in stone for all intents and purposes.

Seeing Stars

The Shinning Stars came back out for the right match this time. Unfortunately for them, it was against the Big Show. This was a squash match. The Shinning Stars both ate a Knockout Punch and Chokeslam. It goes without without saying though, the Big Show is in great shape.

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