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The Broken Hardys haven’t re-signed with TNA; is a WWE return imminent?

WWE loves to bring back old stars for another run. Could the Broken Hardys be next?

The Broken Hardys still haven’t re-signed with TNA. Since they’re without new contracts, the question arises: will they return to WWE? Vince McMahon could absolutely use them.

As of this morning, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy have yet to sign new deals.  The belief is Matt’s deal has expired and Jeff’s is close to doing so.

– PWInsider

The Broken Universe Matt Hardy has created is perhaps the most entertaining thing in pro wrestling, or “sports entertainment.” It’s reinvigorated his career and led to him, and Brother Nero, winning multiple titles over different promotions. Anywhere the pair have gone, people are ecstatic to see them. It’s quite possible that the Hardys are more popular now then they ever were in any of their runs with the WWE.

When Matt turned up at Ring of Honor to challenge the Young Bucks, who are massively popular in their own right, the place exploded. The Broken Hardys are currently teleporting around the world, winning every tag title there is. Fans would be foaming at the mouth for a match between The Club (Gallows and Anderson) and the Broken Hardys. Even a feud with the New Day or some NXT call ups could lead to gold for WWE.

If the Broken Hardys do return to WWE, two things are certain: All other tag teams become “obsolete” and they’d “delete” the reign of whoever presently holds the straps.

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