When drafting your fantasy baseball teams for 2017, avoid these overrated players. One such example is New York Mets SP Matt Harvey.

What makes a player “overrated” in fantasy baseball? Inconsistent play or contributing in only one category. This is the answer in a nutshell. 

The players on this list are being over drafted and, in some cases, are more name than actual fantasy production. Don’t try to be cute and overdraft a player because they are on your favorite team. One category players are who you want to stay away from in fantasy this year. Do your best to stay away from players who are coming off of career years out of the blue, have big injury concerns or their names are the reason they are being drafted.

The players on this list are being drafted ahead of better players at the same position and they will give you less production than them. If a player has a breakout year out of nowhere (Rick Porcello, Jean Segura) then I would be very cautious when drafting them this year. I would rather draft players who have a more consistent track record instead of taking a risk on a player who could have had a career year.

Here is my list of the most overrated players in fantasy baseball 2017. Let me know who I have on here that shouldn’t be or others that I missed.

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