WWE: Daniel Bryan calls out AJ Styles for believing the earth is flat (Video)

WWE superstar AJ Styles was called out by Daniel Bryan on this week’s episode of Talking Smack for being a “flat-earther“.

On this week’s episode of Talking Smack, AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan got into a little verbal argument revolving around the topic of whether or not the earth is flat.

This has been a very hot topic as of late, originating when NBA superstar Kyrie Irving first came out and claimed that he thinks the earth is flat, a theory that was seemingly kicked to the curb hundreds of years ago.

“I do not think the world is flat, I’m just saying there’s some stuff about it. That’s all,” Styles said when asked by Bryan about wanting to talk about how he thinks the world is not a sphere.

The show’s host Renee Young then joined in on the conversation, telling Styles that the earth runs on an axis, which was followed up by Styles stating “Okay. Good. I’m not a Flat Earther.”

Well, there you have it, AJ Styles is not a believer that the earth is flat but he definitely has his questions about the topic.