The New York Jets cannot allow Deshaun Watson to sneak away 2
Jan 10, 2017; Tampa, FL, USA; Clemson Tigers quarterback Deshaun Watson (4) talks with media during a news conference at Tampa Convention Center. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

While many believe Clemson’s Deshaun Watson is the answer, drafting the QB could actually destroy the New York Jets. 

A terrible draft pick at number six would put Mike Maccagnan’s job on the line. Without question, he has a great deal to lose.

The same, obviously, can be said for head coach Todd Bowles, who the Jets gave another year to right the ship after one tragic season. Knowing this information, Bowles cannot assume the Jets will be better off drafting another rookie quarterback in a year they need to improve.

Both must come up impressive in this year’s draft or it surely will be their last.

Deshaun Watson is not sufficiently commendable to be chosen with the Jets sixth choice in this year’s draft. Selecting him at number six would be a huge reach for a player who has a lot of question marks, as clarified by NFL draft master Todd McShay:

While the New York Jets are frantically searching for a quarterback, drafting a quarterback who is a long way from NFL prepared would be a disastrous decision. Quarterback is not, by any means, the only position the Jets need to get more grounded at.

There are other prospects who are prepared to step in and begin playing in game one of the 2017 NFL season in this draft. The names on this list include CB Marshon Lattimore, LB Reuben Foster and RB Leonard Fournette, even though the ground game is not one of Gang Green’s greatest necessities. Fournette has the potential to be one of the best Running Backs in the NFL.

The guideline on whether the Jets take any player basically comes down to if team owner Woody Johnson is on the board with the choice. Basically, he has the last say on who the Jets pick. When this is taken into consideration, that Woody has to touch anything football related, it makes Jets fans quiver.

As Jets fans completely know, Woody Johnson likes to acquire players who will place fans in the seats of MetLife stadium. Deshaun is an energizing player to watch and in the event that he has drawn Woody’s attention. Understanding this cruel realization, the Jets could end up drafting the Clemson star.

Instituting the power structure in which Macaggnan and Bowles report directly to him with the general manager having control of the 53-man roster has been an ill-fated system.

Johnson does not have the football knowledge to settle disputes. There are about a quarter of NFL teams that do have this approach. Having to hire football people to help you build your franchise, as he did by bringing in a consultant (Charley Casserly) to find a general manager and head coach, shows how inept Woody is.

There is no doubt Woody Johnson loves his team and wants to win. However, this structure takes away from Macaggnan’s big picture of the future of the Jets.

Prior to instituting this concept, Woody had a much more traditional front office scheme with general managers Terry Bradway and Mike Tannenbaum — a duo that called for the head coach to report directly to the GM, and that was it.

All in all, Mr. Johnson needs to have more confidence in who he has hired. It’s a much smarter approach, giving the overall big picture GM more power.

The Jets have gambled countless times and lost way too much. While Deshaun is intriguing at six, there are much better options at this spot.

Also, a team might want to trade up for Watson, which then the Jets could gain multiple picks in exchange for the pick if a club is hot on him. In the end and as mentioned, there are better options than drafting Watson.

In fact, the Jets are better off signing a free agent quarterback to start this year. If Tyrod Taylor becomes available, he’s the type of quarterback the Jets will benefit from while they are searching for their “franchise QB.” Taylor who has been a top 10-rated quarterback in his past two full NFL seasons has the potential to be the Jets quarterback they have been searching for.

Mike Glennon, who is going to be overpaid paid outrageously this year asking for a $15 million contract. According to, Tyrod’s market value is $5 million more than Glennon’s, which is not an unacceptable rate for a top 10-rated NFL quarterback.

Who else is out there with any experience and who plays solid at the quarterback position? No one. Kirk Cousins will be franchise tagged and please refrain from mentioning Colin Kaepernick.

The quarterback position is without a doubt the utmost important position on an NFL team. Unfortunately for the Jets, there are no obvious QBs in the current year’s draft for them to profit utilizing their sixth pick on.

There’s a colossal measure of “hype” surrounding Deshaun Watson, which proprietor Woody Johnson can get sucked into. Let’s remember that this is an owner who once said you can never have “too much Tebow.”

Let’s hope on draft night, Woody Johnson lets the football people he hired to make the choice on who the Jets draft, rather than getting in the ear of Macaggnan and telling him to draft Deshaun.

If the kid ends up to being a bust, then it is the end of Macaggnan’s and Bowles’ tenure with the Jets. Setting Gang Green back by having to go through the full-length rebuild process once again.


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