When entering your 2017 fantasy baseball draft, remember to stay away from these five players. They’ll destroy your entire season.

Before I get started on this list, just remember something: there is a reason why these players are listed. It comes down to value. A lot of it has to do where these players are being drafted and who they are being drafted in front of.

Any player can be valuable on your team; it just matters on where you drafted them. There will always be a situation in a draft where someone drafts a player and immediately regret it because there are other players on the board who are better.

Do not draft a player early in the draft because of the position they play.

Too many players will reach for a closer or a second baseman because they think the position isn’t equipped with solid depth. You can always find depth in drafts. Be patient and draft the best available players.

Before your drafts, I would highly recommend doing a bunch of mock drafts so that this problem doesn’t happen to you. You can practice through mock drafts on every site that offers fantasy baseball. Most of you know where your draft position will be and when you sign up for a mock draft you can choose what number you want in the draft (I would pick the same number you have in your draft coming up).

Having said that, it will be almost impossible to draft your exact players on your team. What I do in this situation is, if I kept, for example, two outfields and two start pitchers, in my draft, for my first four picks, I would draft two outfielders and two start pitchers. Your mock picks should resemble the same caliber players as your keepers and then when round five comes, you can start your real draft.

Most keepers are going to be going in the top four or five rounds and this is one of the ways that I help myself prepare for my upcoming drafts. The more mock drafts you execute, the better. Always over-prepare for your drafts.

At the end of every mock draft, go back and see where the players were drafted and make adjustments to the way you draft your team. Let me know who I got wrong on the list or some players that you are looking to avoid this year.

Here’s the list of five players to stay clear of in your fantasy baseball drafts this season:

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