Willie Cauley-Stein, Sacramento Kings:

This play is along the same lines of Matt Barnes. Both are average players at best but with Cousins out, someone has to play Center for the Kings. He has been productive recently when given some extra minutes and he has a good matchup against Al Horford. The Celtics struggle against centers and Cauley-Stein should get the start if Cousins is suspended. His price tag is very low on both sites (Draft Kings and FanDuel) so he is a good play because he will open up money to help you fit in other players. He was a high draft pick but hasn’t shown the upside that most scouts thought he had, but for one night, he can be a valuable fantasy option.

Marc Gasol, Memphis Grizzles:

He is in the same boat as Mike Conley, going against a bad defense in a fast paced game. Tyson Chandler is not an elite defender like he once was and he can’t guard Gasol if he were to go out on the perimeter. Gasol doesn’t get you the great rebounding numbers like other centers but he will get you some steals, blocks and is a good bet to lead all centers in assists on any night. Gasol has been very consistent this year and this has the potential to be his highest scoring night of the year.

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