There’s a 10 game slate on the NBA schedule tonight, so here’s a list of some your best fantasy plays on this fine Saturday.

Tonight, there are a couple games that are liable to end up in blow outs – Golden State/Sacramento, Denver/San Antonio, and Cleveland/New York. There are also two games that should be low scoring and won’t provide fantasy players with much benefit – Memphis/Minnesota and Charlotte/Utah. I wouldn’t game stack those two matchups, but they shouldn’t be completely avoided either.

A good fantasy player won’t reject a game just because of the possibility of a low-scoring output. But the way to win a big tournament would be to attack those games that can be a blow out and hope that the players that one chooses run rampant and that others in the tournament stay away from them.

To win, you need to be different and choose players who most will avoid because of a bad matchup, a low projected score or a game that cold be a blow out. I personally will be attacking the Cleveland/New York, Golden State/Sacramento, New Orleans/Washington, Milwaukee/Phoenix and Orlando/Atlanta games tonight.

There are some injuries or players who have an illness, such as Zach LaVine, Kemba Walker and Joel Embiid. If they sit, see who the backups are who are going to benefit from the extra minutes available.

But without further ado, ere are the best plays for February 4 2017.

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