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Roger Goodell pretends he’s not aware of the Barstool Sports media, Super Bowl ban

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has finally commented on the current status of Barstool Sports at the Super Bowl, and it’s what you’d expect.

Come on now … did you actually think the big man was going to admit it?

Dave Portnoy, better known as El Presidente of Barstool Sports, already knew better as well.

According to Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell claims that he was not aware of the decision to ban Barstool Sports from the Super Bowl. In fact, he made mention that decisions like these are “below his pay grade.”

According to PFT:

“The reason the NFL cited is that in 2015, four Barstool Sports employees staged a sit-in at the league office over Goodell’s handling of Deflategate. The four refused to leave and were arrested.”

Here’s the actual video of his official response to the media:

For those living under even a smallish rock, the NFL pulled Barstool’s credentials the last two years. In response (as well as continuing his narrative of anti-Goodell rhetoric), Portnoy has fired back in a myriad of ways. The most impressive feat coming recently as he took Barstool Rundown, a popular podcast/show and brought it to Comedy Central during Super Bowl Week.

First of all, this is typical Goodell. Nobody believes a word he says even before his mouth opens. It’s a major problem for all of those involved with the league and love football.

Secondly, and most importantly, Portnoy wins.

Hailing from Massachusetts, it doesn’t matter whether he truly hates the NFL commish (based on so much anti-Pats language), Portnoy wins in choosing this man as the enemy. He’s aligned Goodell in an appropriate, yet hilarious fashion that has not only all stoolies on board, but average onlookers impressed.

It’s hard-working and genius.

While they may not be allowed on radio row or inside certain events, Barstool is certainly making waves through every angle.

H/T Twitter, @stoolpresidente

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