John Wall, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James are just three studs to play in Daily Fantasy Basketball on January 27, 2017.

The beautiful thing about daily fantasy sports is if you have a bad night the night before, it doesn’t screw up your entire season. Depresion — something fantasy players often experience — only lasts a fraction of the time in daily fantasy, as opposed to the traditional version.

When it comes to building a daily lineup, you should look for these areas to attack:

Target games with highest projected over/under for the night:

Why is this important? If the game is projected to score a lot of points, you want in on it. Vegas does a very good job at projecting this and you should take advantage. The higher score, the more possessions in the game. You want your players in high-scoring games with a lot of possessions.


Daily fantasy basketball is all about opportunity. If a starter is hurt, then a bench player receives a boost in minutes. You want to target players who are projected to get 25-plus minutes a night or more. The more minutes they play, the more points they will pour in.

There are apps, such as Fantasylabs and RotoGrinders, that let you know if someone is injured or won’t play. If that’s the case, target their backups and save yourself money.


Check the pricing of the players every night. It changes based on the previous night or week. If a player is on a hot streak his price will go up. If he is on a cold streak, his price goes down.

Try to find lower priced players who are on hot streaks and getting minutes because of an injury or opportunity that comes up. It is all about pricing. It would be good to get all the best players but there is a salary cap.

Find cheaper players so you can fit the studs in your lineup.

Know the scoring system:

On FanDuel and Draft Kings, the scoring is different. Fanduel is cut and dry. You don’t get milestones and bonuses (double-doubles and triple-doubles or a bonus for a made three).

On DraftKings you get bonuses for 3-point made and milestone bonuses for double-doubles and triple-doubles. Knowing this can be the difference in rostering one player over another.

Here are our daily fantasy basketball plays for January 27, 2017:

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