With MLB right around the corner, we take a look at the current 2017 Fantasy Baseball catcher rankings. Does Gary Sanchez lead the way?

Catcher is the thinnest position in fantasy baseball this year and to be honest, it’s ugly.

Once you get out of the top three catchers, you can make a case for any other catcher to be between numbers four through 10. I would suggest one of two things when it comes to drafting a catcher this year. Either be the first to draft a catcher or be the last to go with your backstop.

Catcher won’t win you your league in most cases, but it can hurt you if you draft poorly.

The first tier of catchers are the elite catcher options for 2017These are the names that go by Sanchez, Posey and Lucroy.

But don’t be scared. There are plenty of options to choose from, despite its scarcity on the surface. Here are our Top 10 fantasy baseball catchers heading into 2017:

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