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New York Giants: Odell Beckham Jr. shirtless during pregame with LT jersey and special cleats (Video)

With the New York Giants in frigid Green Bay ready to take on the Packers, Odell Beckham Jr. shows how fearless he is of the cold.

Despite the frigid temperature of 12 degrees in Green Bay, New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. headed out on the field shirtless for his pregame warmup.

In fact, it wasn’t just OBJ. Many other Big Blue players decided to attack the Frozen Tundra the good old fashioned way:

It’s pretty ironic how these athletes were wearing more clothes on a boat in a warm Miami then they are in a below freezing Green Bay, Wisconsin, as pointed out by Trey Wingo and Barstool Sports.

As well as heading out onto the field shirtless, OBJ kept his pregame cleats game strong with some footwear featuring mice eating cheese. Get the symbolism in that?

The cleats featured famous cartoon mice Itchy of the Itchy and Scratchy Show from The Simpsons as well as Mickey Mouse with a very cheesy background. If this idea was a production of OBJ’s mind, then he deserves some major props because this is very creative.

There was also this, OBJ taking a few counts with a Lawrence Taylor designed hoodie:


Whoops. Aaron Rodgers almost walks right through the Giants WR drill. #packers #giants

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Hopefully, for the Giants, they can take the cold for an entire game and walk out of Green Bay with their heads held high moving onto the divisional round.

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