Aaron Rodgers completes spectacular Hail Mary right before halftime (Video)

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers found a way to pull off his magic once again to send the Packers into halftime with a nice lead.

Following the first few drives which ended disappointingly for the Packers, Aaron Rodgers was finally able to find a hole in the New York Giants defense and completed a drive ending in a touchdown.

Of course being Aaron Rodgers, this is not all he would do before heading into halftime. With only one second left on the clock and his team only up by a point, Rodgers launched one from the 50-yard line and met Randall Cobb in the zone for a touchdown.

Up until this point, the Packers were looking lost against the Giants defense with Rodgers repeatedly getting sacked for a loss of yards. Seemingly, the momentum has shifted entirely and the Packers head into halftime with their confidence the highest it has been all day.

The game is still far from over, but if you are a Giants fan you are not delighted by the fact of seeing Rodgers launch a hail mary right before the beginning of halftime.