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New York Giants wide receivers in Miami hanging out with Justin Bieber (Photo)

Some members of the New York Giants decided to cap off a successful season by heading down to Miami and hanging out on a boat.

Following a victory over the Washington Redskins in Week 17 to end their impressive season, some New York Giants including Odell Beckham Jr., Victor Cruz, and Sterling Shepard flew to Miami for a little bit of partying and celebration.

While looking at the photo, it should be noted how “New York” it is of OBJ to be wearing a pair of Timberlands on a boat in a very warm Miami, not like he cares or anything.

It is only six days until the Giants play the Green Bay Packers at what will be a frigid Lambeau Field, so why not head to Miami to blow off some steam prior to one of the biggest games of the season?

It does seem unlikely though that Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson did the same thing following their victory on Sunday against the Detroit Lions.

Additionally and apparently, it seems as though they also hung out with Justin Bieber.


Only time will truly tell which approach to the Wild Card game will work out and which team will be walking out of Lambeau Field on Sunday with their heads held high going deeper into the playoffs.


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