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New York Giants: Little Ben McAdoo invades Washington (Photo)

In the final regular season game for the New York Giants, there were quite a few highlights from the pregame festivities.

The New York Giants are getting ready for their final game of the regular season against the Washington Redskins on the road and had a number of memorable moments during their pregame routine.

Head coach Ben McAdoo found his imposter in the crowd prior to the game where there was a child dressed up as the head coach with the hair, glasses, and mustache all representing McAdoo perfectly. Maybe instead of wearing a headset with the outfit, the child should have used a walkie talkie just to stir the pot a bit.

Another highlight from the Giants Week 17 pregame came in the form of footwear. We all know how much NFL athletes love wearing special cleats pregame since they can’t wear them any other time on the field. The cleats featured in the left picture feature the album cover from Kanye West’s “Graduation”.

The Giants have already clinched a playoff spot, but are looking to leave Maryland with a win and head into the postseason on a high note.




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