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Rapper Lil Yachty Provides the Worst Dunk Attempt in History (Video)

When sliding in the DMs goes wrong. [via @speedymorman]

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The old adage of athletes wanting to be entertainers and entertainers wanting to be athletes never fades. Lil Yachty now understands it probably should. 

There are the occasional surprises like a former athlete turned actor who might have been pretty talented. From time to time, those rare guys will shock us with their athletic ability.

This is not the case for Rapper Lil Yachty. The 19-year old former model for Kanye West’s YEEZY Season 3 fashion line turned Hip-Hop recording artist who appeared as a guest in a Sprite commercial with Lebron James provided us with the worst dunk attempt in modern basketball history (video above).

At an Nike event organized by Complex Magazine two weeks ago, Yachty got it in his head that he could show off his hops by going for a two-handed dunk. Unfortunately, he was filmed by Speedy Morman of Complex and the results were quite not what he hoped. Yachty got a running start but ran out of lift in mid-air and missed the basket entirely as he crashed forward.

Even worse, the rim was far below regulation level. (We’re talking far below 10-feet.)

Yachty laughed it off but now does so with a new appreciation of what it takes to fly in the air and stuff it at high altitudes. As Clint Eastwood said in Magnum Force, “A man has to know his limitations.”

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